Online banking access

Security and protection

Security and protection

Passwords to BPA Online banking and other information

We remind you that BPA already has your details and, therefore, will not request your BPA Online banking access codes either by e-mail, by phone or by SMS. These codes are secret and are solely for your use.

If you receive an e-mail with a link to BPA Online banking, do not click the link. In order to connect to BPA Online banking, please do so by directly entering the following address:, or by direct access from your list of Favourites.


Credit card: purchases in shops

Ensure that you never lose sight of your card when paying.

Remember to provide identifyng documentation when paying. This safety measure benefits both you and the owner of the shop.


Credit card: cash dispensers

Do not enter your secret number if anyone is close to you.

Always bolt the door behind you when entering the cash point room, especially if it is located outside of the Principality.

Do not leave any documents containing either your credit card number or information on your bank account in the cash point rooms.


Credit card: internet purchases

We strongly advise that you make your purchases from websites that have virtual POS terminals with the following technology: Verified by Visa or Mastercard Secure Code.

These systems validate the credit cards' holders through the use of a PIC code (all BPA credit cards have their PIC activated).


Credit card: loss or theft

24-hour telephone in case of loss or theft:

+376 873 500

+34 902 192 100